Nha Trang City

Let your mind drift to the most beautiful and interesting places when you have a day out free after your game? Do you want to pick some of the best attractions, major places of interests worth visiting during your Vietnam golf trip in coming months? Check them out the list below, fill them in your bucket and take your time and explore in your next trip to this destination. You must not miss it!


Po Nagar Towers

Built by the Champa kingdom, a Hindu realm which ruled much of central and southern Vietnam for almost a millennia, the Po Nagar Towers were named after Devi, the fierce, many-armed Hindu goddess. Consisting of a series of engraved steles commemorating events from various Cham kings, the Po Nagar Towers serve as a repository of historical events and knowledge of a bygone kingdom. The towers comprise four structures that ring Cu Lao Mountain, and provide visitors sweeping views of the beach and sea.

Dam Market

Dam Market (Cho Dam) is the largest and most popular one of all. With three floors full of stalls and boutique shops to explore, Dam Market is a bit of an overwhelming experience, but nevertheless a must-do. It is part tourist souvenir market and part local market. You will find all sorts of merch, from clothes, shoes and bags to tourist trinkets, art, designer knockoffs, electronics, dried and packaged foods and food stalls. The dried seafood section is worth your time, because you will find some of Nha Trang’s most famous local specialties such as dried shrimp, squid and cuttlefish.

Xom Moi Market

For a more raw, local experience, head to Xoi Moi Market (Cho Xom Moi). Locals come here to shop for their groceries, household equipment and whatever else they need in their everyday life. Xom Moi Market is situated a little further away from the center of the city, so you’re gonna have to wake up a little early to get there around 7 a.m. which is when the market comes to life. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast here from the array of Vietnamese dishes the vendors sell in their stalls. These include pho, the de-facto national dish of Vietnam, and a local specialty called ‘bun ca’, a fish soup with rice vermicelli and fish balls. Don’t forget to buy some delicious fruits such as mangosteen (seasonal), milkfruit, rambutan and mango. If you do not like the smell of durian, you should probably avoid the food section or just hold your nose as you walk past.

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